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San Francisco Planning Department Housing Element Update 2013
The Final Draft of the Recreation and Open Space
ADOPTED 04/2014
The Recreation and Open Space Element was adopted by the Planning Commission!

Download the Final Recreation and Open Space Element.

Please check back to see a schedule of the Board of Supervisors Hearings on this Element.

Download additional materials:

Open Space San Francisco: 2100
A framework for open space in San Francisco:

Mayor's Office of Greening

Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services

San Francisco Planning Department

Recreation & Parks Department

Neighborhood Parks Council
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Upcoming Adoption Hearings / Meetings

Below please find the public open house dates and hearing dates that are proposed at the Planning Commission for the adoption of the Recreation and Open Space Element. Please note that we can only provide the time at which the hearing begins and will try to estimate the time once the agendas are developed the week prior to the hearing. Thanks for your participation!

Adoption hearing at the Board of Supervisors
Proposed Date: TBD

Adoption hearing at the Planning Commission
Date: April 3, 2014
Location: City Hall, Room 400
Time: Hearing begins at 12:00 pm

Informational presentation at the Recreation and Park Commission
Date: February 20, 2014
Location: City Hall, Room 416
Time: TBD

Informational presentation to the Historic Preservation Commission
Date: February 19, 2014
Location: City Hall, Room 400
Time: Hearing begins at 12:30 pm

Initiation at the Planning Commission
( download presentation )
Date: January 9, 2014
Location: City Hall, Room 400
Time: Hearing begins at 12:00 pm

Public Open House
Date: December 4, 2013
Location:LGBT Center, Rainbow Room, 1800 Market Street
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm


Project Summary

The Recreation and Open Space Element is the component of the City’s General Plan that provides a 20 year vision and plan for open space in the City. San Francisco last updated the Recreation and Open Space Element in 1986. The existing element provides a strong framework for open space acquisition and guidance on open space usage. The environment has changed in San Francisco over the past 20 years and while these goals will remain strong components of a new Recreation and Open Space Element new growth and new priorities are emerging.

With a legacy of many fine parks and opportunities and potential for improved and new open spaces, San Francisco can achieve an outstanding recreation and open space system. Thus, in November 2007 the Mayor’s Office launched the Mayor’s Open Space Task Force. This Task Force was composed of over 80 landscape architects, open space advocates and residents from around the City. The Task Force has been meeting for almost a year and some themes have been emerging from their work.

  • Regional responsibility
  • Integrated and multifunctional open space
  • Equity and accessibility
  • Connectivity
  • Ecological function and integrity
  • Quality, beauty and innovation
  • Health and safety
  • Feasible and adaptable open spaces
  • Stewardship

As noted above, a draft of the Recreation and Open Space Element has been released for public review. Next steps in the process include receiving community comments on the draft, working with decisionmakers and the public on amendments to this draft, and finally on creation of an Action Plan to implement the City’s vision for open space and the objectives and policies of the ROSE. The Action Plan will be developed as a set of five and ten year implementation programs describing who, how and when specific measures should be taken.


Public Outreach

Beginning in summer 2007, t he Planning Department, the Mayor’s Office of Greening and the Recreation and Parks Department began working together to develop a comprehensive framework for the future of open space in San Francisco. Working closely with our nonprofit partner, the Neighborhood Parks Council, the team set out on a number of outreach efforts to achieve civic participation towards creating an Open Space Framework for the City of San Francisco.

  • Open Space Task Force: In November 2007, the Mayor’s Office launched the Mayor’s Open Space Task Force. This Task Force was composed of over 80 landscape architects, open space advocates and residents from around the City. The Task Force met over the course of a year, concluding in January 2009, and developed emerging themes for action, which set the structure for the Open Space Framework.

  • City Roundtable: Led by the Mayor’s Office, all City agencies with lands or responsibilities related to open space or recreation met regularly to share ideas, update each other on programs, and discuss future possibilities for the City’s open space network. Participants include the Department of Public Works, the Port, the Redevelopment Agency, the Unified School District, and others.

  • Working committees: Members of the Mayor’s Open Space Task Force, as well as individuals representing specific open space perspectives, worked closely with staff in a series of working committees and focus meetings. These workgroups meet in the interim of the larger Task Force meetings in order to compile Task Force outcomes and flesh out details on specific programs. Work groups looked at topics including Finance, Planning and Programming, Policy and Implementation, Natural Areas, Pedestrian and Bicycle Access, and others. The working committees created a number of specific policies, as well as recommendations for action.

  • Community workshops: The Neighborhood Parks Council and the City Open Space team spent three months meeting with neighborhoods and organizations throughout the City on the key goals of the Open Space Plan. At each community workshop, citizens gave feedback on favorite open space(s) in San Francisco, pointed out opportunities for new open spaces in their neighborhood, and talked about what types of spaces, facilities, and programs were needed to enhance the open space experience in the City. Working in small groups, participants reported back on their priorities for open space moving forward in the future.

  • Online Survey: Posted on the City’s website, mailed to the City’s Open Space mailing list, and distributed at community workshops, the survey tool gathered information gathered that allowed the City to understand the needs and priorities of San Francisco residents regarding open space. Its results informed the citywide open space planning of the ROSE and the upcoming Action Plan.

For a summary of public outreach, including individual workshop notes and the results of the online survey, click here.

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